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Primate Biographies    (Work in Progress - Bio's are being added daily)

Name:  Toby
Species:  Spider Monkey
Rescue Circumstance:

Rescued from abusive pet store

Toby was living in a 3’x3’ crate at a cattle auction house and was sold to a local pet store.  At the pet store Toby was often harassed by customers and poked and prodded.  OTS rescued Toby and upon his arrival he was so weak he could not hold or swing on a rope.  He now lives in an enclosure that touches the sky and we often find him sitting high in his crows nest, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, holding his toy babies (stuffed toys he is never without).  Toby drinks his bottle all by himself, often while hanging upside down.  Toby is also the elder primate who alerts the crew to any visitors arriving at the Sanctuary.  One of the most charming qualities about Toby is the way he holds his hands to his heart and happy squeaks each time he greets a member of his OTS family.

Name:  Martin
Species:  Celebes Macaque
Rescue Circumstance:

Rescued from private breeder

Marty arrived at OTS from a Florida breeder when he was just a baby in 1994. He lived with his best friend Audrey (African Vervet) in a beautiful enclosure for many years.  During this time he developed insulin dependent diabetes and cataracts and had to be moved into a separate enclosure. He happily cooperates with his keepers for his 3 times a day testing and insulin shots.  Marty, like all our primates, is extremely intelligent and despite his very poor vision he still manages to get into many interesting situations with his neighbor Samantha the baboon.

Name:  Puck
Species:  Spider Monkey
Rescue Circumstance:

Rescued from neglectful owners

Puck is a Spider Monkey from Alabama who was rescued by the New York ASPCA in 1996.  His story reflects the many who come from uneducated private owners.  He had rickets; a broken tail in two places and his neck leash was growing into his skin.  On a sunny day at OTS you will find Puck sitting on a pillow and a fuzzy that he places on the ground outside for having a picnic.  Or maybe swinging on his swing, while simultaneously flipping around bars in a manner that would inspire any Olympic gymnast.  He now lives a happy, exuberant life next door to his spider monkey friend Marvin.

Name:  Marvin
Species:  Spider Monkey
Rescue Circumstance:

Rescued from freezing chicken coop

Prior to being rescued by OTS, Marvin lived in a chicken coop in the Oregon winter with very little care from his private owner.  He was so happy to arrive at OTS and have a large indoor and outdoor enclosure with lots of bars and also to have plenty of special stuffed animals and toys to play with.  He is a neighbor to Puck and both spider monkey boys enjoy each other’s company.

Name:  George
Species:  Squirrel Monkey
Rescue Circumstance:

Found in a New York City School locker

George is a 12-year-old squirrel Monkey who was found in a school locker in NYC and rescued by the ASPCA in 1995.  OTS worked with the New York ASPCA and George soon came to OTS.  George lost his companion, Suzie (squirrel monkey) to cancer 4 years ago, but still lives besides his friends - two squirrel monkeys, Squeaky and Polly.  George loves to swing in his basket and shake his rattles, chirping happily  He is easily entertained and yes, he does fit the name, “Curious” George.

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