Oregon Tiger Sanctuary

P.O. Box 458
Eagle Point, Oregon 97524
TEL:  541-826-4008

No-Tour Policy

The Oregon Tiger Sanctuary is a private rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary.  Many of our animals have either been used for public display purposes or have been abused in the context of public exposure.

The Oregon Tiger Sanctuary provides lifelong true sanctuary for our animal residents and is a sanctuary for animals, not a zoo for people.  In keeping with our mission, the Oregon Tiger Sanctuary is not open to the public for tours or visitation.  Thank you for understanding that these majestic wild ones deserve to have comfortable, peaceful lives.

We receive many inquiries about internships and paid positions.  We currently have a very committed, all volunteer staff who on average have been with us for over 20 years.  At this time we do not have any staff positions available and we also are not in a position to offer internships.

We welcome any inquiries you may have regarding the Oregon Tiger Sanctuary.

We are usually out on the compound caring for the animals but if you use the form below we'll respond to your email request shortly.  Thank You.



Website Disclaimer:  The exotic animals you will see on our website, youtube, twitter and facebook pages are meant to live in the wild.  Unfortunately, there is a large captive bred population in this and other countries and most are bred to be exploited and often become abused and neglected.  These are the animals we rescue and provide sanctuary for.  We are professionals and have dedicated our lives to caring for these animals and have trained with many of the finest animal behaviorists.  Exotic animals are dangerous and do not make good pets.  Please do not attempt to handle or come in contact with any wild or exotic animals or attempt to reproduce any animal encounter that appears on any Oregon Tiger Sanctuary affiliated website.  If you are seeking a companion pet may we kindly suggest that you visit your local Humane Society, ASPCA or adoptive agency.