Oregon Tiger Sanctuary
Raises $6000 to Feed
Children offering Grand Prize OTS Adventure at Nourish the Children Auction

SALT LAKE CITY - The Oregon Tiger Sanctuary donated a Grand Auction Prize 2-day adventure of a lifetime with the animals of OTS, including a 2-hour walk with a Siberian tiger, at a Nourish the Children fund raising luncheon.  Penny and her crew at OTS are thrilled and honored that Truman Hunt, CEO of Nu Skin Enterprises, placed the highest bid and won the OTS Adventure.  His bid of $6,000 donated 8,200 meals through Nourish the Children to feed hungry children around the world.

OTS 2-Day Adventure Promo Video • November 27, 2011

NTC Luncheon Auction Poster

The Oregon Tiger Sanctuary is a non-profit organization founded by Penny Torres in 1991 and does not breed animals and is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of exotic and endangered species and providing them life-long sanctuary.

As a strong supporter of Nourish the Children and A Force for Good, Penny offered a 2-day experience at the Oregon Tiger Sanctuary learning about the plight of our earth’s predators and prey as well as a hands-on experience in behavioral enhancement, care-taking and the gift of walking with Raja our patron Tiger.  Raja is the star of National Geographic's ‘Man-eating Tigers of the Sundarbans’ which was partially filmed at OTS.  The walk with Raja is of course dependent on Raja because Raja is a wild animal and he has tiger days and Raja days.

The Oregon Tiger Sanctuary would like to thank Chris Kipp for organizing and hosting the Nourish the Children Luncheon and Auction which raised a total of $65,000 or 89,000 Vitameals for children with Nu Skin's matching contribution.

We send our deep appreciation to Truman Hunt for placing the winning bid for the OTS Grand Prize and we excitedly look forward to hosting him for an adventure of a lifetime with our majestic animals.

We also would like to thank Blake Roney, Steve Lund, Sandie Tillotson and Nourish the Children who have donated and sent over 220,000,000 nutritious Vitameals to people in need in 33 countries around the world.

Finally we would like to thank Penny Torres who has generously shared her dream and the dreams of the keepers who care for the animals at the Oregon Tiger Sanctuary with Nourish the Children because nothing is more important to Penny than encouraging Peace on Earth and Everywhere for ALL Living Beings.  Penny extends her deepest gratitude to Mr. Truman Hunt and would like him to know that Raja the tiger as well as all of the exotic animals of OTS can’t wait to meet him!

OTS Grand Prize auction bidding • November 27, 2011