White Winter Wonderland
Oregon Tiger Sanctuary - Eagle Point, OR

LATE DECEMBER, 2012 - The Oregon Tiger Sanctuary experienced several back-to-back winter snow storms which turned our already spectacularly beautiful sanctuary into a White Sanctuary Winter Wonderland and we thought you might enjoy seeing what the Oregon Tiger Sanctuary looks like adorned in snow.  It's of course always much more fun feeding big cats and primates in a foot of fresh snow... yikes!

Well...  and then it keeps snowing and snowing and soon that one foot of snow is 3 feet deep and we're sinking in to our mid-thighs contemplating busting out our snow shoes and we're giving thanks that at least we still have electrical power and then... 
a snow-laden limb snaps and out goes the power!  Uh-oh!

Hauling big cats dinners on sleds and carrying bottles of hot water to thaw frozen feeder locks all adds to the fun.  Thank you to all the volunteers who came and helped shovel paths and roofs and feeders and much more...  And thank you DamianB of Pacific Power and Light for staying as late as it took to restore our power, as you have many times before, to keep our babies warm on the very coldest of stormy nights.