Atti Lioness gets a new home
at the Oregon Tiger Sanctuary

SAN ANTONIO - It was with heavy but hopeful hearts that the current Wild Animal Orphanage (WAO) Board of Directors unanimously voted on August 31, 2010, to dissolve the exotic animal sanctuary located in northwest San Antonio, due to over-population, under-funding and inadequate housing for the animals.  The WAO was home to 297 exotic animals.

The Oregon Tiger Sanctuary applied to the WAO to rescue Atti the African lioness and was accepted.  (Our male African lion, Moose Badu, had recently lost his sister to an untimely death with a mass in her chest.  He was crying out daily in sadness and badly needed a companion lioness.)  Through many kind donations, we were able to raise the $5,000 needed to safely move Atti from San Antonio to Oregon.  After we received USDA approval and a permit from the Oregon state veterinarian, Pat Craig’s tremendous crew from the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado anesthetized and transported Atti and arrived in Oregon and was met by a huge snowstorm.

Atti and her partner, Moose

KDRV Staff Report • December 29, 2010

KDRV channel 12 news in Medford was on the scene and filmed Atti’s arrival in the snow.  The skillful OTS crew, led by Penny, along with Pat’s crew did a phenomenal job unloading Atti in less than optimal conditions.  (The full drive from Colorado to San Antonio and Oregon and back was over 4,000 miles.)

Atti is doing extremely well at OTS.  She and her new partner Moose, are getting along very well through their enclosures.  In the spring, we will be spaying Atti at the on-site Oregon Tiger Sanctuary Exotic Veterinary Hospital.  After her recovery period, she and Moose will then be able to live together.  As we neither breed nor sell animals at OTS, all of our lions live in male-female pairs, with the females being spayed.  (Lions are social big cats that normally live in prides in the wild. It is very important that they be with other lions in captivity.)

The Oregon Tiger Sanctuary would like to thank the following people who financially contributed to bringing
Atti to her new home.  Your kind hearts and generous contributions have made a tremendous difference in the lives of two precious beings, Atti and Moose.