Oscar & Chibi Bengal Tigers
Get new home at the Oregon Tiger Sanctuary

IN EARLY FEBRUARY OF 2012 - The Oregon Tiger Sanctuary was contacted by a private owner in Reno NV who was losing her home and the ability to care for two 7 year old male Bengal tigers that she had lovingly rescued herself from a big cat traveling show.  Oscar and Chibi, though not blood brothers became soul brothers as they spent the first 6 months of their lives traveling around the country to malls and fairs with eleven other exotic cats in a horse trailer where they were handled by and photographed with the public.

After exploiting them as babies and as is often the case, especially with males, they were destined to be euthanized at 6 months of age until Dorothy W. learned of their fate and intervened to save their lives and agreed to care for and give them a home.

Chibi & Oscar in Reno as recently rescued cubs

Chibi home at OTS April 22, 2012

Little Chibi, before he was rescued, was so desperate to escape the traveling show, at one point while captive in a dog carrier in the back of a speeding pickup truck pulled the kennel door in and them leapt from the truck while it was traveling at 70 mph.  He luckily was recovered by a state trooper some time later and brought to a facility that treated his wounds.

The traveling show owner, thinking he could not have survived his jump, only finally learned of his whereabouts 3 days later and sadly was able to recover Chibi.  Over time PETA and many individuals filed complaints against the traveling show owner and they were cited by the USDA for willful violations of the Animal Welfare Act, were fined and had their USDA exhibitors license suspended.

The Oregon Tiger Sanctuary is asked every year to place exotics at our facility and it is never easy for Penny to make decisions about whether we can and who will join our "family".  OTS seldom accepts exotic animals from private owners for many reasons including that private owners will often go out and support the black market in exotics by purchasing another animal.

But Oscar and Chibi's mom built a wonderful large enclosure for them and raised them for 6 and 1/2 years and had every intention of caring for them their entire lives until unforeseen circumstances prevented that.  Their story became so emotionally precious to Penny that she was compelled to include Oscar and Chibi in our OTS family.

Oscar home at OTS April 22, 2012

Penny said on the day of Oscar and Chibi's arrivalhttps://www.oregontigersanctuary.org.

"Welcome Home Big Boys, you have waited all your lives to get here.
Like many your path was not easy.  We will care for you as the tiny cubs you are, all grown up.
But for us we see your Innocence and like all living beings you are deserving of comfort and kindness and loving care.
We are so happy and honored you have come to live with us!"

Oscar & Chibi arrive from Reno

Oscar goes first

Chibi sprinting toward his new home